Friday, 8 June 2012

What I've seen on my travels....

Evening all,

Due to the change over to BT I have been deprived yet again of Internet but as of today we are back in business people and knowing BT that means for good, woop woop!!!

Anyways on to afew little odds and ends I've seen on my travels recently:

My first ever ice tea!!!
Compliments of Costa it was Raspberry flavoured and
to go along with it i decided on a blueberry muffin!
Ahhhh my 5 minutes of heaven was complete :)

Now i found this lovely looking pot shoved in a cupboard with a naff flower
arrangement in so decided to convert it into my face pot!
In here is a small collection of my travel sized skin care bits including alot of Liz Earl.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm..... that's all i have to say on this one!

My dear friend Lorren (Pinkylorren is here blog, please have a look coz its amazballs)
was telling me the other day how she'd tryed out St Tropez tanning mousse
and raved about it so when i saw this in Morrisons i was curious to
know if it would be a cheap alternative!
(this is £3 the other is £20, massive difference!)

Hehehehehe i just found this amusing,
i use to love Where's Wally?? when i was little.

My newly done up room!
I could be an interior decorator i swear, it took 3 hours of hard graft but
o it was so worth it! i know have a comfy double bed, two side tables that actually match
and a lovely wicker chest at the bottom of it for me laundry!!!

Ooooow to have a beauty cupboard like this aye, well a girl can dream can't she!

So my lovelies i shall be off in preparation for my yummy Chinese that's just
been order and i will speak to you tomorrow :)

Kel x

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