Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Bits & Bobs

Good afternoon ladies,

Now lets get down to some catch ups.....

Well for starters there were these gorgeous Thornton's chocolates from my friends
David & Leanne who were kind enough to treat me for my
(swear there trying to fatten me up! lol)

Now i did a post a while back about when i visited the Disney store &
about all the Disney princess.... well as you'd of probley
guess my all time fav is Beauty & The Beast so
when i saw this iphone cover i was on
it like a rash!
Not that i have an iphone or anything lol.

I'm not a big poser here but i did want to show you a picy of my attempt at
the good old Kim K locks, howd you think i did???
it's abit darker then my natural colour but that
was just because of me extensions!

Went on a mini shopping spree and got myself a much needed bronzer which was recommended
by the lovely Pinkylorren (so thank you huni its brill:). Also got some falsies
for my belated birthday celebrations where i dressed a little red riding hood
which was also what the red lippy from MUA was for!
The earrings was a last jobby from store twenty one for a £1!!!
Do love myself a bargain hehe.

Looks a touch dark here but it is a lovely deep red with pinky tones, only £1 
and it worked perfectly with my outfit ;)
pictures to follow i promise!

please do ignore my Frank Bruno night shirt here but it was early and i was makeup testing people!
I was going for a simple eye look seen as the lip was so bold!
(well for me it was anyway, i never venture past nudes normally lol)

A tad random i know but I'd love my underwear draw to look this damn colourful,
wouldn't you???

Kel x

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