Friday, 25 May 2012

MAC Take 2

Evening all,

Nearly didn't think this post was gonna happen due to temperamental tinternet troubles again so I'm gonna write this really fast in case it decides to go loopy on my arse again for being mean to it!!!

So yesterday i ran through afew previous collections by MAC so far this year that had caught my so today il be showing ya a sneak peak at whats to come :)

MAC Hey Sailor
(May 2012, out now!)

Now come on, how sexy is this?! Hot to trot people and i love it!
Now summers on its way the nautical themes really coming back with a bang
so it fits in perfectly with that!

I'm loving the packaging, it's different to the usual which makes a nice change from the black
and makes you feel like your getting something a little extra special.
The collection is full of lovely goodies from sun tints with SPF 20 and nail lacquer to
To the beach body oils!!!

Then theres this gorgeous highlighting powder in Crew (hehe get it??)
that has a beautiful blend of pink, purple and peach with an undertone of cream highlight
all swirled together I'm sure it creates a lovely little concoction.

Another thing that caught my beady little eye was these sun tints with SPF 20 in!!
It comes in 3 shades; the one above is Abalone, a hot hot pink,
Sea Mist which is a warm peachy tone,
& Au Rose, a lovely coral pink with fusions of gold pearl.

Extended Play Lash
(Due out end of May 2012)

Now this new addition to the MAC mascara family promises to bring you
16 hour lash wear of full blackness!!!
It also provides you with curl & lift and if that wasn't enough abit of
lengthen & definition thrown in for good measure.
Not only does this product promise to be long wear but when it comes to night time and you just want to easily wipe away them lovely lashes it's simply done in no time with just
a splash of warm water!!!
I hope this is all it's cracked up to be because it sounds amazing and who doesn't
want a long wearing but 20 seconds to take of before falling unconscious mascara???

MAC By Request
(out in the fall but on line only)

I have a feeling this maybe quite popular.... now this is the low down:
During the March period (sorry i got to you abit late with this one) people could go
on facebook and vote from 18 of the most popular shades of lipstick, lipglass & eyeshadows
from past collections and the juicey bit is that the top 3 most voted for from
each category would go on line exclusive as a limited edition collection!
How cool is that, i bet people were voting like it was the elections or something lol.

So there we have it ladies, that is a snippet of what is to come with the future of MAC along
with afew others such as collaborations with Beth Ditto for summer and also
an intriguing mix up with Marilyn Monroe!!!

Hope you've enjoyed that and this beautiful day

Kel x

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