Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Nails, Nails, Nails

Evening all,

Now summer is trying to makes it's appearance behind them rainy clouds me personally am trying to embrace every Lil ray i can, whether that's with putting a Lil extra bronzer on or funking up my wardrobe with a colourful top!
But one sure fire way of brightening not only your mood but your image is your nail colour!!!! Now I'll admit i haven't got the loveliest nails going due to the fact that there always bloody breaking and no that's not just because i bite them... even though i kinda do sometimes :/ lol.
Anyho get ready for some nailspiration (like the way i did that hehe) and a slight picture overload where i show ya all the possibilities for prettiful nails!!!
(All curtsy of Pinterest, bestest site in the world apart from pinkylorren's bloggy obviously :)

And look you can even spruce up ya tootsy!!!!
Hope you liked my nailspiration for Summer, cant wait to see some of them beauties on display.

Kel x


  1. Nail art is so beautiful. I wish I had the skill to do some of these. Always let myself down with the dreaded other hand side haha xx

  2. amen to that! lol i have exactly the same problem, i have no idea how these people do it!! They just look so damn pretty :) xx