Monday, 21 May 2012

Playing catch ups

Hi Guys,

I feel like I'm so out of whack with my whole blog since the Internets gone down! My organisation has gone out the window, I'm forgetting what i wanted to write about and with my life so busy its hard to balance. How do full time mamma's do it????
I really admire people like Kandee Johnson and Pinkylorren for keeping on top of everything because I'm all over the shop here but i want to knuckle down and focus and be the best beauty blogger i can be so here's to the future people, lets hope its a consistent one lol.

Before i forget here's my quote for the week to give you the motivating to plow through......

I'm not telling
you it's going to
be easy, I'm
telling you it's
going to be
worth it.

Hope you've had a good day...

Kel x

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