Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Wonders Of MAC Cosmetics

Afternoon Lovelies,

This is gonna be a slightly different post today filled with lots of piccys, a little bit of writing and a hell of alot of MAC!!!!!

Now when i first started out wearing makeup i had a hard time getting to grips with what a lip liner was let alone what brands where what but as I've progressed on my makeup journey I've started to realise the importance of brands and what they can offer to us ladies. Not just product wise but opening our eyes to new possibilities of makeup wearing and giving us fresh inspiration along the way.

A brand that combines all these things i would personally say is MAC! There known world wide and highly raved about not just by us beauty bloggers but by most people in the beauty game including celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and even Marilyn Monroe!

To follow is a handful of some of the collections so far this year and if you look out for my next post I'll be nattering about whats to come in the MAC world so sit back and enjoy :)

MAC Viva Glam With
Nichi Minaj &
Ricky Martin
(February 2012)

Viva Glam came about to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS and using famous faces
Lady Gaga included in the hope that more people will be more careful
and supportive of the disease, all the money raised
by this collection went to this good cause.

Nicki's vibrant hot pink & Ricky's lip conditioner went down a storm!

MAC Shop
MAC Cook
(Feb/Mar 2012)

This happy go lucky, tongue in cheek collection was all about fun, vibrant colours that
you would of never normally thought about!
It almost dares you to be bold and stand out from the crowd
and let's face it what girl doesn't like to be noticed ;)

I'm just in love with the packaging and this was a large collection including 4 tender tones,
3 fluid lines, 5 kissable lip colours, 3 eyeshadow quads, 6 lipsticks,
3 nail vanishes & 3 creme blend blushes!!!
(stops for breathe!)

MAC & Vera
(March 2012)

it's so prettiful!!! Collaborating with the famous artist Vera who merges fine art with textiles, linens, murals and other bits and pieces to create vibrant patterned works of art, MAC have picked colours straight from her creations to produce there own art work with this Lil collection!

There fun, femine and playful everything that the world renowned artist Vera is known for.

MAC & Chen Man
Love & Water
(Mar/Apr 2012 for Spring)

How incredible does this look, it's almost other worldly if that makes sense!
The mix and blend of colours are beautiful and mysterious, i like the way they've
mixed the pinks and blues to create a good variety.
I'm in love with the combination of tones in the mineralize duo eyeshadows,
for some reason this collection reminds me of Katy Perry's E.T music video lol.

They have a nice collection of products including reflect glitter in sparkling blue, brow setting gel
(for the wet look i think lol) and also an angle brush oddly enough.

A gorgeous mineralized duo eyeshadow in Love Cycle is definitely my favourite!

MAC Fashion Sets
(April 2012)

 In order from left to right:
Girl About Town
Russian Red

These are the 7 most popular MAC shades of lipstick world wide as
research by the MAC team and from there they also created lipglasses
and nail lacquer to match!!!
Its funny looking at what shade is most popular in what country like for instance
Myth is most popular in places such as Poland, Russia and Finland (you'd of though Russia
would go for Russian Red wouldn't you lol)
and Chestnut is most popular in the USA! 
Limited for a short period only though people (i think till June if not now!)
so best get a wriggle on!

MAC Reel Sexy
(April 2012 for the spring)

And finally we have this sexy little number!
Its flirty with a bite, with tones such as turquoises and purples
its a rich mix that creates a dramatic effect! 

Love how they come up with these photos, this is what i was getting at at the beginning
about inspiring us to look at makeup differently and just to have fun with it
because that's what us girls do the best isn't it!!! hehe.

Lovely collection with plenty to chose from including this gorgeous mineralized highlighter
that would look beautiful on anyone!

So there we have it ladies
now it's not all of the collections obviously but if i did that
we'd be here all day!
I hope this has helped you see MAC in a new light as it did me
and remember to look out for tomorrows post about all
the new up and coming MAC collections!!!

Kel x

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