Thursday, 1 November 2012

L' Occitane Fleur Cherie

Afternoon ladies,

Now this sounded a tad on the posh side to me at first but once i worked out firstly what it was and secondly how amazing it smelt, well there was really no stopping me!

"Light yet sophisticated, fresh yet sensual, Fleur Chérie brings you a warm and elegant fragrant touch in the heart of Winter. 
The fresh aromas of orange blossom and sweet blackcurrant notes envelop the sensuous woody scents of cedar and musk. Fleur Chérie is an ode to the most cherished flower in the Mediterranean; the exquisitely delicate orange blossom."

How amazballs does that sound??? I just had to borrow this description from the website because my poor excuse for one would of just paled in comparison.

If you want to get your little mitt's on this juicey lot then you can find them here: L'Occitane website or I'v even spied them on Amazon if you want to swing by there and have a little look see.

Defiantly recommend this as a winter essential but of course if this is not your cup of tea then there's plenty more scents to chose from!

Kel x

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