Thursday, 8 November 2012

Starbucks & Shopping

Hey ladies,

Boy did i shop till i dropped the other day!

It was a much needed outing evolving some hard core early Christmas shopping (which unfortunately i can't share with you as i might spoil someones surprise!).

Anyways i did however stop at Starbucks and have a test run of something I'm not even sure of how to describe:

In my excitement to try this special concoction i forgot to take a picture but i managed to get this shot at the half way point! It was like a chocolate milkshake with lots of whipped cream on top (could of had a shot of coffee in it but thought best not to on my first try).

I originally went in for a Ginger bread skinny latte then i realised if i don't like ginger bred biscuits then i ain't gonna like that so then i was going to tackle the toffee nut latte but some how winded up with this thanks to the sales bloke behind the counter :/

Anyway moral of the story is when going into Starbucks be clear on what you want first and stick to your guns other wise life could get pretty complex lol.

Kel x

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