Friday, 16 November 2012

A Little Obsessed....

Evening ladies,

I have a habit of when i get something in  my head i only show shear determination till i get it like for example my River Island leather jacket which i got for a steal off Ebay! i fought till the very end to get that bad boy and when i got it i was so pleased with myself that i told anyone who'd listen, whether they were interested or not.

My point being here is that i have a new obsession to fixate on.......


How cool is this?! i love it right down to the Christmasy pattern and i will not stop till i get my grubby little mitt's on it.

If you share the same craving then you can find this fetching item at VERY or many other bit high street stores now stock similar ones. But if all else fails head on over to good old Ebay and pick up a bargain there :)

Whats your thoughts on the new trend? Your dream cosy night in wear or just a fuzzy nightmare?

Kel x

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