Friday, 2 November 2012

Winter Essentials

Me again,

With winter nights drawing in and slowly starting to lose all feeling in our extremities i think it's time to crack out the winter comforts!

The following is what i couldn't make it through our nippy British weather without with a mixture of odds & sods and a bit of make-up thrown in for good measure:

1. Scarfs, gloves, hats and the occasional ear muff!

I don't know about you lot but i live in scarfs in the winter months other wise my head trys to sink into my neck like some kind of weird turtle creature and that's never an attractive look for anyone.

2. Lip Balm
(Carmex is one of my favorite as it keeps lips moist for longer then most balms 
and they've even branched out into some new flavors!) 

This is an all year round must really but even more so when it gets to that stage where your lips start to chap and peel! The key is to find the right one for you, I know some people like to use lip scrubs like the ones from Lush then attack them with as much Vaseline as humanly possible but i think if you keep on top of them from the word go then there's no need for such extremes!

3. Boots

A good pair of boots are majorly important to get you through! i live in my boots in winter time and boy do i pack as many socks into them bad boys as they will allow me. I tend to lean towards the leather variety with a solid soul as the Ugg variety can sometime get ruined by the wet and snow but i do love a pair of snuggley boots i will admit that much!

4. Moisturizer

My skin could not cope with the cold, harsh weather if it wasn't for moisturizer that's a sure fact! Where as the sun is the major threat in the summer, the wind is the biggy in the winter and boy does it sting when it hits. Philosophy is a brand i'v always been desperate to try so if you guys recommend please leave a comment below.
Other wise i have found brands like Nivea (the night cream because its thicker), Olay, Liz Earle or Clinique to be trust worthy in keeping your skin safe from the elements.

Now i have plenty more like layers, which my Nan always taught me was essential because a cold back could lead to chilled kidneys (or something like that lol) but i think you get the general gist here so with that piece of wisdom in mind i'll leave you to your hopefully toasty evening by a fire somewhere :)

Kel x

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