Monday, 19 November 2012

You Light Up My Life......

Evening Ladies,

I ain't a candle girl, I shall openly admit that but lately I've been getting in the festive spirit (i have already bought and wrapped half of my presents for family and friends, plus have a list of the things i still have to get and for who! I know pretty anal right lol). There for I'm surrendering to the beautiful scent that is Christmas in a candle and here are 3 that are on my wish list.....

1. Boots No 25 Mulled Wine & Cinnamon Candle

I was in Boots shopping for make up (what else!!!) and wandered into the 3 for 2 section to pick up a few Christmas presents when i spotted the candles! i had a good sniff of all of them and was about to give up because my nose couldn't take any more when i had a whiff of this beauty. For £7 it comes in lovely packaging and smells so festive that you'd be silly to pass it up, perfect stocking filler (well my stocking that is he he)

I just want to eat this! (i won't don't worry, i haven't quite lost it that much...yet). Its so lovely, a very comforting scent and it just makes me feel like snuggling up in bed and reading a book. This one pictured above is £9.95 and it also comes in a smaller jar, small candle, tart wax block, a large 2 wick candle & a large candle in a jar (see link which is the title to get to website and check out all the range). 

Now this bad boy is candle royalty to me! At a whopping £42 it's defiantly a luxury purchase and one i probably won't be making as I'd rather spend that on Miss Dior Cherie perfume he he but if someone (cough cough) was nice enough to give it to me as a gift then i would be over the moon :) 

You a candle fan?! If so what would be on your wish list? 

Kel x  

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