Wednesday, 31 October 2012

It's that time of year again....

Me again,

And no I don't mean Christmas (though with roughly 9 weeks to go it's getting scarily close). No i'm talking about the other "holiday" that is Halloween!
Now i say this in brackets purely because it's a bigger seasonal holiday in America then it is over here but never the less we still all jump on the band wagon in some way or another such as dressing children in cute little pumpkin outfits and trying to scare little old ladies senseless till they give up all there food!

On the other hand you could always go out in a make shift witches get up and class it as a good excuses to go out drinking or the other alternative is to have a quiet night in and avoid it all together which is what i shall more then likely be doing.

The reason behind this post however was to talk about something that i hate to admit but undoubtedly have..... no not a nasty rash, i'm talking about FEARS.

I unfortunately have 3 which i shall now name in no particular order:

1. Roller coasters!!!!
Last trip to Thorpe Park resulted in me having a panic attack moments after setting foot through the gates! it took me to have a Burger King to calm me down (and i hate those things!).

2. Horror movies:
Now i understand the concept behind them is to freak you out slightly but that still does not comfort me at all. The last horror i watched was about 2 years ago and it was "Drag Me To Hell". No word of a lie i still have nightmares about it now and if you've ever watched it you'll know what bit i'm on about.
(Chris, the big man he is classed it as a comedy and called me a wimp! Surprising i didn't take the compliment well!).

3. The Dark:
I know what your thinking, this is such a childish fear to have but tough it's my fears and i shall be scared of what i like! It's fine when i'm asleep but at all other times it is unacceptable!

So come on then ladies, what are your greatest fears???

Kel x

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