Monday, 25 June 2012

Getting started on Youtube?!

Evening all,

Sorry its been awhile, I've been attempting to help my good friend Bex and her partner Ben move into there new bungalow while working 6 days in a row! So I've been a tad pooped in the evenings to blog but it's all calming down now thank god.

So onto tonight's topic of youtubing!

Now this lady here was the main reason i got into watching youtube in the first place!
I love watching her and what she comes up with every time, shes so creative and inspiring
that i even did a woman Wednesday post on her!
Kandee Johnson has recently had a major tragedy with the lose of her dad right before
fathers day though so has taken a step back for a while to be with her family which is
totally understandable and my depth thought and sympathies go out to her they
really do.
But anyways check her out, you'll love her!!!

Beauty Guru's provide alot of knowledge and insight into the beauty world in the respect of products, tutorials and more, i could just sit there for hours soaking it all in.

The thing i really love about them though is there so relatable and down
to earth that you feel like your just watching your friends chat about beauty and that's how I'd
really like to come across like.

My fear i guess is that i wouldn't come across well on camera?
what would i say?
Would people like me?
Is my camera good enough?
What could i give that no one else does?
More importantly would they want to listen to me?

All these things have been holding me back and I'm starting to annoy myself because lets
face it everyone has to start somewhere right?
If you stick to something then practise makes perfect and
you'll improve over time.....

So brace yourselves people you may see me actually nattering to you face to face very soon!!

Kel x


  1. nice!
    i follow you on bloglovin,
    follow me back? xx

  2. hi Laura :) i'd love to... whats your bloggy called???