Thursday, 14 June 2012

Garnier, Neutrogenar, No7..... it's haul time!!!

Afternoon ladies,

So today is a little look see into what I've been getting my mitts on these past few day,
take a little look and see.....

We have:
"that gal" one of the Benefit freebies in this months Glamour mag
Cotton pads (because you always need those handy)
Tea treat spot treatment (I've been having some crazy break outs for some reason!)
Coconut body butter from Wilkos for my poor dry leggies
& some other bits and bobs i shall be nattering about!

We also have:
Carmex (got the tube version but fancied giving the pot version a try and so far thumbs up!)
Hand wash for when the bathroom
No7 quick fix concealer for blemishes (purchased with a voucher of course)

Now on afew make up collections I've seen people have this lurking in there draws
so when i popped into Morrison's they were having some crazy offers on so
i decided to give it a whirl give that its spose to help
with my over night bags that have surfaced under my eyes!
So far i have to say it's nice and freshening but the colour isn't a great match
and the consistency is abit watery for my liking, it doesn't have enough coverage for me!

I'm always on the look out for a good moisturiser so when i saw this advertised in this months Glamour i thought I'd give it a whirl!
I got it from boots for £4.99 and so far so good,
it smells sooooo good very grapefruity and fresh.
Lovely for waking you up in the mornings and sinks in quite nicely at night, it doesn't feel
greasy or sit on the skin which is never a very nice feeling so defiantly a thumbs up on that.

Good old faithful Carmex, use it on my lips at night so my lips stay lovely and smooth,
it leaves you with a tingly effect which is odd at first but it makes you
feel as if it's working so that's never a bad thing right lol.
Love how Boots points can come in handy when you got no change on ya hehe.

As i said due to my breaking out i had to pull out reinforcements this month so decided
on this bad boy to see if it would be up to the job!
It's a perfect colour match which is nice and covers up the redness beautifully so defiantly
a good buy with my £5 No7 voucher (thank you Boots!)

And lastly my Boots hand wash, now for a £1 i can't really complain.... but I'm going to anyway!
It most certainly doesn't smell of vanilla to me, more like fairy washing up liquid but it does it's
job so it will have to do i spose lol.

Anyway what i have guys been splurging on this month?!

Kel x

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