Thursday, 13 December 2012

Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet

Me again,

I have been a big fan (as I'm sure most ladies are) of the Revlon lip butters ever since they graced our isles of Boots but i know there was a few shades that didn't quite make it across the pond if you will. I think it might have been down to them not translating so well to the British consumer or something, i don't know!

What i do know is that recently i have been on the hunt for a red lippy seen as it tis the season and all that jazz but a lot of the beautiful shades I've tried have seemed like they would dry out my lips which is the last thing they need right now! So when browsing on Ebay the other night I came across a seller that had the full range of lip butters and this little fella caught my eye....

It's RED VELVET 040! It tickled my pickle so i hit BUY and 2 days later it turned up in the post!

When i pulled it out of the packaging i was like eek this is dark and kinda brown but then i swatched it and instantly fell for it! It glided on just like all the lip butters do with that nice lip balm quality that they have and the colour came out as a very rich almost red wine like red which with my dark hair looked lovely (even if i do say so myself he he).

You can find the seller HERE so go check that out and i shall be wearing this lovely lippy in my Primark Haul i shall be filming soon so look out for that :)

Kel x


  1. Red Velvet looks gorgeous! I love Revlon Lip butters :)

  2. Me too! There so moisturizing, yet really pigmented and last for ages for perfect for winter weather :)

  3. lOVE your blog by the way! The photographs are amazing and such good quality :) x

  4. These products are nothing but awesome! I already got Peach Parfait and Berry Smoothie, Candy Apple should be in the mail any day now :D Sadly, Revlon doesn't sell at where I live so I always have to order online. But that's totally worth it!

    - -

  5. Tell me about it! That's really weird because candy apple is the next one i'm getting because i have a £2 voucher off Revlon! lol. Where is it you live then?? because i thought Revlon was world wide :/