Sunday, 16 December 2012

Primers: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Evening ladies,

I don't know about you but this is the time of year that my skin needs just that extra little helping hand when it comes to makeup. I never normally use a primer unless I'm struggling to negotiate with my foundation and this month my foundation is winning hands down!

I haven't tried many as like i said i don't normally need them but the ones i have tried i will now attempt to put in to words how well i got on with them.

First up we have The Good;

Meet The Porefessional, this was a revelation for me in terms of a primer because I'd never experienced a truly decent one. I didn't really get the point of them until this came skipping in to my life (i say skip because it's a jolly thing to do and i felt pretty damn jolly after using it OK). Anyho this glides on beautifully, stays put all day and doesn't make your foundation sit on the surface of your face what so ever.

This gets a massive thumbs up from me and i would most certainly recommend it although the only down side is it isn't cheap, at £23.50 at it's on the pricey side so like i said if you really are in need this should see you though.

Now for The Bad;

I don't want to be horrible to Revlon because it is one of my all time favourite brands but really? Is this the best you could do? I don't think that primer is really there strong point if I'm honest. Don't get my wrong it does the job okish but by golly does it stink!!! It smells really bad and for the first few seconds of putting it on to your skin it is a tad over powering but after you put your foundation on it simmers down (still not really ideal though is it).

It sinks into your skin quite nicely i will give it that but my foundation certainly doesn't last any longer using it that is for sure. Having said all that it is cheaper then the first at £11.99 at Boots and also with there 3 for 2 offers that are forever on the go (always a bonus) then if you want to try your luck then maybe it's the ideal match for you.

And last but no means least we have The Ugly;

I am so so sorry L'oreal and to all those of you out there that might love this but it just did not agree with my skin what so ever. The texture when first applying felt all clumpy and uneven then when it came to putting foundation over the top it just didn't wanna sit right (hopefully that makes sense lol).

It could work wonders for you guys just like the Revlon might and on the plus side this hasn't got an over powering smell like said Revlon but it just wasn't blending like it should and the longevity of it was short lived that's for sure.

It's £14.29 at Boots if you want to give it a whirl and also L'oreal are doing a nice offer where if you spend over £15 or more you get a free Christmas gift worth £28! If you pop in store they have the gifts on display and i think they might include a mascara or something which is a nice little extra so thank you L'oreal.

Also as a side note i think the likes of Maxfactor are also doing similar offers that include gifts if you spend over a certain amount :)

Kel x

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