Tuesday, 18 December 2012

L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascaras

Evening Ladies,

Just a quick one on a forgotten product that i LOVE (big statement but please do bare with me here).

I fell for this mascara as soon as i saw it's sleek packaging but on my never ending hunt to find the perfect partner to enhance my lashes it got lost along the way.... until now.

The L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes mascara (as the title may suggest lol) is pure, fat brush ended loveliness!

 Sounds silly i know but I've come to the conclusion that fat is best when it comes to mascara wands for me despite the fact the skinny (like the amazballs Telescopic for instance) gets to the roots and bottom lashes beautifully, a fat wand can really create an impact and that's what i look for in a truly great mascara  In this little wonder i think i have found that (for the time being anyway).

It lengthens and flicks out your lashes in a flirty way without weighting them down like some do. It doesn't feel heavy or clumpy on the lashes and there is no fall out or slip of lovely black stuff all down your beautifully powdered cheeks. It also has that thing where as you pull out the wand any excess that was on the wand gets taken away before use which was a great invention in my opinion. 

Then on TV yesterday my eyes stumbled upon this...

Well that was it, my senses pricked up and the laptop was out at the speed of light. Apparently this little fella doesn't just volumise, it gives your lashes a "maxed-up, fanned-out effect". 

So basically what it's saying is it packs more of a punch in the drama department then its older sister. I shall be investigating this as i am always (as you may have guessed by now) on the look out for greater finds to bring back to you lovely people.

You can find both products HERE at Boots Online, both priced at £10.99.

Kel x

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