Thursday, 20 December 2012

Holy Mother pucker

Evening people,

Now i don't know if you follow me on Twitter (please do:) but yesterday i popped up on there that i had just purchased the Soap & Glory Best of all goody bag which i also did a post on a few days ago funnily enough he he. So you maybe find a few of there products featured on here from time to time as I'm excited to try out some i haven't yet ventured in to.

For instance we have Mrs Mother pucker here:

I have the shade Punch Bowl which is a very warm pink tone that actually comes out almost like a fuchsia colour. It's a soft in colour but by god is it sticky! So much so that i had to put Vaseline on top to stop my lips from clamping together which i can assure you is not an attractive look.

As for the scent it reminds me of them fizzy sweets you can get that are really sour and make your face screw up like a bull dog (again not a good look!). 

The feeling it gives your lips however is a WHOLE other topic. I've never felt anything like it, i thought i was having an allergic reaction to it at first until i looked up online in a blind panic that it was suppose to feel like that. It claims to have "volume boost technology that plumps your lips up to 10 times the size once applied". Now i don't know about anyone else here but if i wanted a trout pout I'd of probably opted for Botox by now.

Having said that it's a lovely colour and once the "effects" have wore off it lasts a good few hours. Would i repurchase? Most likely not but it's an interesting experience never the less.

Kel x

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