Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Straighten me up BaByliss

Afternoon lovelies,

Straighteners to me are multi purpose, you can straighten and curl so your getting your moneys worth. So there i was all gear up to spend a fair amount getting a fancy pants new pair when i stumbled across these.....

Now i use to be a Remington die hard fan when younger because i thought they were the most reliable brand out there, my opinion of Babyliss wasn't great for no apparent reason other then it had baby in the title! (please don't question my motives because even i don't understand them at times lol).

I had a brief stint with the good old, highly raved about GHD which i did not get along with at all because within an Hour after an intensive session of straightening my hair went all kinky again.
Then after a few years with an unknown brand i decided it was time for a change!

Welcome in the worlds smallest proper straighteners:

There slim, light and ONLY £20!!!! Can you Adam and Eve it people?! I'm happy to report that my opinion has completely change about BABYliss, there better then any Remington set I've owned and when you curl your hair it actually stays curled which is a nice change for me.

See it even comes with heat Matt as well, boy these people sure know how to spoil us aye ladies.

Thank you to my gorgeous friend Lorren (pinkylorren, go check her out on her blog, twitter and now here adorable little piggies are on youtube!!!) for pointing me back in the BaByliss direction.

Kel x

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