Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Seriously considered purchases (that'd break the bank!)

Evening ladies,

Just thought I'd share with you a few products that I've been eyeing up recently.
First off we have..... Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation!

I have heard amazball things about this product from the likes of the Pixiwoo sisters, Fleur De Force and many more and I'm just so intrigued to find out what the fuss is all about!
I think there was different varieties but it got replaced buy this one (please correct me if I'm wrong here, i could of got it the wrong way round lol) but i would like to sample it for myself so this Christmas i shall enforce major hint dropping like a military operation!

Now these beauties i shall probably never own because A. they are mainly big in America and B. because they are stupidly expensive!!!
On my fantasy shopping session i discovered these can go up to £250.... for a pair of jean/leggings!
But having said that from the reviews I've seen they are named as THE comfiest pair of jean/leggings you shall ever own plus last a looong time too (which at that price you sure as hell want them to).

Lastly we have this piece of technical wizardry the iphone 4s (not the new fancy iphone 5).
This i may just be getting my mitts on as my contract runs out in February and instead of upgrading to another trusty Blackberry i was thinking of branching out into the world of technology (which scares me senseless just so you know) and see where it takes me, so i shall keep you updated on that one.
Kel x

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