Thursday, 25 October 2012

An everyday essential....Tweezerman

Afternoon ladies,

Now I'm not Italian but i might as well be!

An odd way to start a post i hear you say but there is a reason for my sudden outburst.... I'm hairy!
Not in a George of the Jungle/ King Kong kinda way but in a way that has me wax/shaving/tweezering almost every other day. It is frustrating beyond belief and if i had the money I'd serious consider lazer removal but until that day i have a solution.... tweezers!

Here is my little giraffe Gertie manning my tweezers for me lol.
Before i discovered tweezers, well lets just put it this way i didn't have a lot of pictures taken of me but ever since a friend of mine dragged me to get these bad boys waxed i haven't looked back.


I say this with your best interests at heart because it was the fatal mistake i made and I've been quietly suffering for it ever since but I'm sure there is a light at the end of the tunnel don't you worry lol.

Anyho the main reason for me admitting to my hairiness is that at present i just have a bog standard pair but I'm looking for a new shiny upgrade..... welcome to the stage TWEEZERMAN

I swear i fantasize about there sometimes when I'm wrestling with a stubborn eyebrow hair and i mean look at all the ones to choose from!
They got a bit of floral, animal print, lips! You name it and not only that but they come in all different slant varieties and sizes too.

A must investment even for you lucky so and so that have the gift of monthly plucking (you don't know how fortunate you are!)

Kel x

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