Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Guess who's back.....

Its me!!!!!!

Hello everyone :) well what can i say, i wish i could tell you I've been on a glorious holiday or road trip but unfortunately that hasn't been the case! I have had abit of a rough ride lately and it's been really tough but with the love and support of my friends and family they've got me through and i couldn't be more appreciative of them being here for me, so thank you guys!!!!!

Sometimes when life gets you down you got 3 choices.... you can let it define you..... let it destroy you....or you can let it strengthen you! And that's what i chose to let it do! Yeah life can suck arse at times but I'll be damn if its gonna bring me down with it. Of course you need your grieving time but then it's time to look to the future and I'm sure it's gonna be very bright indeed!!!!

Now onwards and upwards to better things such as some of the lovely things iv been admiring on my travels that have made me smile! Get ready for some picture over load lol.

nothing like a pretty bunch of flowers to brighten the mood so thank you
mumsy for these! They made my day.... no idea what they are though lol.

Holy Grail of wardrobes come on down!!!!!
Its covered in mirrors and its got a walk in bit with a Lil light!
Whats not to love people

Who doesn't love abit of love and a union jack aye, I'd defiantly go for these in a living room
with i black sofa i recon!!! Adds a nice pop of colour and after all it's
all about the accessories ladies :) 

Mmmmmm looks so good

I don't know what it is about these bowls but i think there so funky and different!
If anyone feels the same i found the in Homebase.

As i walk to the bus on a Sunday morning i pass this lovely church and every Sunday
as I'm walking through the bells are chimming and people are walking into the
beautiful building ready for the service.
I always see this tiny little door off to the side and i always wonder how any normal human being could possibly fit through it!!!! A dwarf maybe but me not a chance lol.

I love how grand this looks, perfect for a living room or bedroom to
great such glam and elegance i personally wouldn't wanna leave!

Now them Kardashian locks are what we're all striving for I'm sure of it but achieving them
is a whole other ball game! iv tryed straighteners, rollers and a curling barrel so far and
nothing has quite matched up to the idea i have in my little noggin
so when i clocked this in comet i whacked it straight on my
wish list!
Remember people my birthdays only days away!!!!!
(not a very suttle hint was it lol).

Ahhhh it feels so good to be back,
if i had a glass id cheers you to the future :)

Kel x

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