Sunday, 8 April 2012

A mini round Up

Afternoon people,

I am sooooo sorry i've been absent for the past week but it has not been a good one for me, its been bad news after hospital dashes after tummy bugs over in this part of the world and it's not been pretty i can assure you so i thought it best to stay away till it had all subsided!
The tummy bugs still lingering and the weather is pretty shocking but apart from that we're all good now :)

Weekly Round Up In Pictures!!!

So last week looked a little something like this......

My New Look mini haul!
(which i have try to up load a lil video for but silly blogger wont let me)
Theres a gorgous top which i have to return because my boobs are too big for it :(
The black lil bra thingy which is lovely and soooo comfy!
And lastly my jazzy skirt thats so wrong for this weather lol.

A little glimspe into my experince with scrapbooking!
I am by no means an expert but i gave it a bash for Chris with this
collection of photos of me and him as kiddies
and also other memorable moments!
(if you fancy seeing more please feel free to comment below peeps)

Peterborough UTD V Leaister City
My FIRST ever experince at a football match on Saturday!!!
I was so exicted about this (i know i'm a girl dont worry i haven't forgotten lol)
I was getting into it more then Chris was i think.
I just loved the atmosphere and the passion the fans had.... until the last 5 minutes
when my bladder nearly exploded due to lack of ladies toilets!

I shall be doing a review on these 3 beauties later in the week.
It gonna be a face off (no pun intended there i promise lol) and we'll see who comes out on top!

Now i just had to show you guys this, it's the new Maybeline colour tattoo eyeshadows
I tryed out 5 that where there and no word of a lie they were still clear as day on my mitt
a day later just like they claim they would be!
(dont go thinking i'm a dirty bugger who never washes because i even had
a shower but they remained strong till i attacked them with some
of my Bioderma cleanser!)

My lovely little creation for my beautiful friend Lorren who's birthday it
will be on the 9th April!
(glad you liked it hunny:)
Hope your all well :)
Untill tomorrow my lovelies.....

Kel x


  1. best birthday card ever thank u huni i loveed it really made my day! u kno me so well and ur so talented!! xxxx

  2. awwww thank you huni bun, im glad you liked it! I figured if i liked it you would coz we animal printer lovers together :) xxx