Thursday, 19 April 2012

My love just keeps on growing!!!

Afternoon Lovelies,

Ah the beautiful Miss Kelly Rowland!!!!
Now don't think that just because she copied my name (cough) that's the only reason I'm
writing about her because you'd be wrong.
Not only is she lovely and an incredible singer but her make up to me is nothing short
of perfection.
In this particular picture it's the pop of colour under her eyes that really draws me in,
is takes a classic eye and funks it up abit while also adding personality.
By the looks of things shes used a gorgeous aqua blue shade which
really compliments her skin but i decided to go with a vibrant purple
to suit me personally when recreating this look!

Which is where this little gem comes in handy!
Now I've spoke about the quality of MUA products before so for this fun flirty
look i decided to go with this bargain find at a £1 the quality and
pigmentation is brilliant.
I'll post a picture and possibly even a video of this look when i do it :)

Welcome to.......

Now this is the big daddy of the palettes when it comes to the MUA range!
They usually do alot of bang for your buck with there palettes but
with this one they've excelled themselves,
it hosts 24 colours including Matt, pearl and shimmer and if
that wasn't enough they even give you a mini master class
for how to create a Green smoulder look on the back
in a step by step guide!!!!
How cool is that for £8 aye ladies.

Hope your all having a good day!

Kel x


  1. That looks like a nice palette, I haven't used that brand before. I saw someone else talking about this palette earlier. I may have to check it out.

    I also want to tell you that I have awarded you with the Kreativ Blog Award:

  2. Its a really good brand i'd definatly recommend it! Its so cheap yet such good quality, perfect for the days when your a lil hard up but just wanna treat yourself!!!! :)

    OMG really????? wow thank you soooooo much, thats really lovely of you! i appreciate all the support you give me really i do xx