Friday, 25 January 2013

Pucker up.... Sleek style

Any beauty blogger worth her salt will know that Sleek is well known for one thing in particular... the AMAZBALL eyeshadow palettes! I am the proud owner of 3 so far (shall delve more in to that on another post don't you worry) but i know that Sleek isn't that readily available to all countries yet so sorry if this is like rubbing it in a tad :/

However with Sleek releasing more and more new products now such as there True Colour Lipstick range which boasts 30 shades, has suggestions for fair, medium and dark skin tones and with a price like £4.99 who's gonna argue, right!

This gorgeous red is called Vixen really stands out!
Also there are plenty of neutrals for the slightly lower key ladies out there
(don't you worry I'm one of them so you ain't alone lol).

But what i wanted to focus on was what's been hanging about for a while and that's there range of POUT POLISHES. Can i just say that they smell so good you just wanna eat it but once on the lips that's truly the last thing you want to actually do.... it tastes disgusting!!! But given your not suppose to taste it then i shall over look this small issue.

I have to say this is a lovely little lip product (over looking the taste of course). It adds a nice hint of colour, above is the one i have in Peach Perfection 964 and its great for a nice nude base. You could wear it alone or just to add a sheen over a matte lipstick maybe. 

It's not that sticky but i fear your boyfriend wouldn't really appreciate you kissing him with it on as it can transfer (same example goes for pets and clothing just for a quick heads up while I'm at it). The product contains SPF 15 which is always a nice added bonus and has 10 g worth of the stuff so unless your quite heavy handed this should last you for a decent amount of time.

Available at Superdrug and also off Sleek website HERE for £4.49 each and you can chose from 9 different shades. (Image of lipstick off Sleek website over HERE ).

Kel x


  1. Gorgeous!
    Hey, how did the Olia dye last on you? Think it would work for someone with lighter hair looking to go dark?

    1. Hey there :) it lasted really well at least a good 3 to 4 weeks before any roots showed! it leaves you hair lovely and smooth, also because it has no ammonia the smell isn't so bad.
      If i was you i would go darker gradually so buy a colour a shade or 2 darker then what you are now and keep going slightly darker each time.
      Actually this week i'm planning on going about 3 shades lighter so i will let you know how i get on but i defiantly would recommend it as a good hair dye.
      Hope this helped :)

  2. I'm a huge fan of Sleek products myself! tried their pout paints but now I'm definitely getting my hands their lipsticks ^^

    1. Yay snap! I think for the price they are, there brilliant quality. Have you tried there blushes?? i really want to try them as well as the lipsticks too :)