Monday, 21 January 2013


Now the weather outside is frightful... well just a little white, fluffy and a tad slippery in places really but can be a bit hair raising if your being dragged along by an over excited dog whilst wearing non grippy foot wear but hay ho I'm still alive to tell the tale so that's the important part.

I was going to do a glorious post with lots of classy pictures, that was until my camera decided to become too technical for me to handle so slight change of tact is now needed. I am now going to do a shameful plug (not often this happens so humour me here people) for my Bloglovin page as seen below...

I LOVE Bloglovin, i think its an ingenious idea and would like to kiss whoever came up with it! OK slight exaggeration there but it's a damn good brain wave. It houses all your favourite blogs in one spot so it makes it nice and easy for your viewing pleasure. You can catch up on all the new posts and discover more blogs that you may not have done otherwise.

I'm not forcing you to add me or anything but i just thought i would just give you the heads up that I'm over there and that if you wanna swing by and pop me on your list it would be humongous appreciated :)

I'm right HERE , just thought I'd help you out a little he he.

Kel x

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