Monday, 14 January 2013

Get Lost (in a book that is)

Evening lovelies,

Now i will warn you that this is not a normal girly, makeupy post but a book wormish type one. i shall try to keep it short and sweet though so do bare with me.

I love books. There i said it.

I am by no means a book worm but when the right one comes along and catches my eye i just feel like its calling out to me to read it so who am i to ignore such a request hay (especially when you find it in your local charity shop for 50p! Good for your brain and your purse he he).

The reason I am boldly going where a make up blogger probably shouldn't venture is that i felt so strongly about how bloody GOOD this book is that i just couldn't keep it to myself.

The book is called The Book Of Tomorrows By Cecelia Ahern and is possibly fast become one of my favourite books. Has any of you watched P.S i love you with Gerard Butler in?! Well that was based on one of the novels that Cecelia wrote and well if anything involves Gerard Butler then I'm all for it.

This one however shocked me in so many ways its hard to put into words. After the second chapter i was going to give it up as a bad job but decided that i am not a quitter and therefore plowed on but by the fifth chapter i was glad i didn't!

Its a story that has the ability to speak to you without realising, i had nothing in common with the main character yet she managed to teach me things that i feel i wouldn't have thought about had i not read this. She taught me to look beyond what i see on the surface and look deeper not just into the unknown but into myself as well.

I'm not saying you have to read this to be enlightened or even promise that it will do that for you by reading it but i feel i got something out of this book and not just discovering a good plot line. If you like something that has a whole lot of twists, turns and mystery with sadness yet hope built in then give this a bash.

Hope you haven't fallen asleep on me, normal service will resume as usual don't you worry.

Kel x

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